Why Choose SureCollect

Concierge service

With a dedicated account manager assigned to your practice, you’ll not only enjoy our high level of service but you’ll get it from the same person anytime you call. Think of us as simply being an extension of your own office.

Expert knowledge

We only hire the best of the best, from highly qualified and experienced billers to our first-class, seasoned A/R professionals. You can rest assured your paperwork is in good hands no matter what.

Accessible information

Your account details shouldn’t ever be a mystery, and we want you to be able to see how things are going at any point. Thanks to our full transparency web-based software, you can view your account details 24/7.

Consistent results

We regularly beat national averages for claim processing times, rejection rates, collection rates AND days in A/R. What can we say? We’re good at what we do.

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